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clickTRUE - Inbound Marketing tailored for Businesses

Online marketing is a huge playfield which is often the most untapped area by companies. Most of the companies, in the internet era, still go for traditional, high-costing methods of marketing. Even the companies who have online presence mostly end up paying for marketing while they can do a well-planned inbound market comprising of paid and organic methods. The combined method not only saves the expenses but also increases the credibility of the companies.

clickTRUE is one such company that helps companies achieving great results with its innovative, broad category of marketing strategies. According to ClickTRUE, buying behavior has changed, and so has the buyer’s journey. A more sustainable approach is to put your customers first by constantly generating value to them, accelerating the flywheel to help your business grow faster, and better. Every business needs a long term sustainable plan to attract customers, provide them value, and thus achieve sales and marketing goals. Marketing is not a short term or one time process, for any business long term review counts and every small investment pays off in the long run.

Online Marketing Solutions offered by clickTRUE:

Attract Visitors: Whether it is by paid search or optimizing your website for search engines, attracting visitors to your website is a precondition for a successful web initiative. clickTRUE helps you attract visitors in one of the most cost-effective ways.

Convert Visitors to Customers: Once visitors get to your website, clickTRUE ensures a holistic digital strategy with a compelling user experience that will ensure the visitors turning into paying customers.

Retain and Grow Customers: To get them coming back, it is also important to listen to what they have to say about your brand. Engage them in social spaces to feel connected to your brand and build their loyalty.

Measure & Optimise: Also important is the need to measure your efforts to know how well you’re doing; thereafter, clickTRUE continues to optimize your website so you constantly outdo yourself.

A website that drives revenue: When all the optimization is done, the results speak for themselves. clickTRUE lets your profits roll and your business grow.

clickTRUE Consultancy services

Digital Strategy: clickTRUE is always there to understand your marketing goals, gain insight into your consumers, develop actionable strategies to grow your brand digitally, and keep you at the forefront of digital trends. They use their experience of digital insights, capabilities, and understanding of the latest technologies to solve your problems.

User Experience & Design: One of the most common misperceptions in user experience design is that aesthetics are a key component to a good design. However, in reality, efficient sales and communication are complementary to a good website interface. User design that is purely aesthetics-driven is pointless if it doesn’t help your user accomplish what they set out for when visiting your website.

Traffic Acquisition

Enhanced Search Engine Marketing: clickTRUE lets you consolidate Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook Ads to get an in-depth comparison of how your ads are performing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook respectively. It helps you make easy decisions on where to invest your next marketing dollar. It also believes in magnifying the level of targeting by advertising in the localized language. It takes care of all the global currency exchange rates and instead lets you focus more on your core work.

They let you research, choose, and fine-tune interest targeting so that ads reach out only to relevant groups for Facebook campaigns, enabling all bases to be covered with Search + Social.

clickTrue also leverages the power of keywords in SEO. They employ Google, WordNet, Wordstream, and Wordtracker tools to find out the relevant keywords for your use. Then we track these keywords and tell you which works.

Conversions & Optimisation

clickTRUE lets you create landing pages with effective content and design that deliver your value proposition to your web visitors, leading them to take the desired action on your landing page.

Web Analytics is the science to marketing, providing you the facts and figures needed to help you develop a winning strategy, ensure you’re spending your money wisely, and be assured of the success that follows.

Google Analytics

clickTRUE is the first Google Analytics Certified Partner in Southeast Asia. They have a long term experience and the ability to give extraordinary results. They are reputed and above par in Southeast Asia where they help companies take part in conferences and win awards for branding and recognition.

Email Marketing Services

clickTRUE lets you build an email list of the subscribers who want to receive updates from you and has a dedicated tool to improve open rates, clicks, and responses to your campaigns.

Meet the chieftain

Jackie Lee Choon Yau is the founder and CEO of clickTRUE. He has also founded Hardware Zone (HWZ) in 1998. From his 15 years of experience gained from managing digital and magazine businesses across 5 markets - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and China, Jackie went on to further develop his interest in the performance marketing arena and started clickTRUE.

He also co-founded a Digital Creative Agency, Noisy Crayon. He sits on the Main Advisory Board of NUS Business Incubation of Global Organisations a Member of Partner Connection Fund Evaluation Panel at Ministry of Social and Family Development, a Member of SPRING ACE Mentoring sub-committee at MTI. 

“We believe helping people buy is the best way to sell. We want to help build a better customer experience while making digital marketing less painful, uncomplicated, and sustainable.”

“We don’t just care about traffic, we care about your LEADS!”