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Impelsys: “Whatever your requirements are, our adept technologists are here to help”

Digital content is the most happening service in the industry today. Digital content is required for online learning, ebooks, journals, digital strategy building, etc. The service can play a major role in providing support for various delivery channels and business models. Plus, with digital content, you can also get actionable and meaningful insight into your customer's reading and learning patterns.

Meet Impelsys- a company that manages content and learning solutions. Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions- specifically for content publishers, enterprises, and learning providers. On the company's flagship platform, you can access the World's Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Solution- the iPublishCentral Suite.

You get end-to-end solutions across the digital product lifecycle- right from content, courseware, monetization, and more. The company runs a vision to “make the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology.” Started in 2001, the company has more than 250 clients and 500+ members today. The mission here is clear: “to be the leader in enabling global publishers, education providers, and enterprises to deliver online content and learning.”

Content Perfection

Take a look at some of the services offered by Impelsys:

  • Content Engineering Services

The first and foremost is Content Engineering Services from Impelsys. Here, you can visibly reduce your digital product development cycle, while at the same time you can design and develop digital courseware and content with the development and enrichment services from Impelsys. The content engineers from Impelsys aid to create value across the product lifecycle that are delivered for complex transformation services as well as cutting-edge automated solutions.

  • Learning Services

With Impelsys, whatever your requirements are, there are adept technologists always willing to help. Be it blended learning programs, adaptive recommendation engine, courseware development, online learning solutions, simulations or even m-learning- Impelsys takes care of your requirements. The best feature of the company’s services is that the learning technology solutions and services are made in such a manner that creates a communicative and rich experience improving the outcomes and increasing retention.

  • Courseware Development

Today, the simple PDF downloads and quizzes are no longer sufficient for courseware. What you need is adaptive learning that will lead to measurable learning outcomes. Education providers have gained immensely while transforming from traditional courseware to SME-driven and agile courseware. Here, Impelsys delivers the built-in adaptive engine that comes with interactive and richer content as well as an instructional design. If you scale it on a learning graph, it’s a dynamic rise upwards.

  • Technology Services

With Impelsys, you’re certain of the rapid developments of content delivery portals. Content and business challenges demand unique SaaS platforms and tailor-made solutions. At Impelsys, the solutions and technology include everything you’ll need for your requirements including infrastructure management and application integration.

  • Mobile Services

A mobile platform is one of the most required entities at present times. A mobile platform can help content publishers and learning providers as a pillar of support. The mobile service offering from Impelsys is the gateway to unlock the ubiquitous power of mobility. Impelsys recommends clients to offer mobile apps to their users for increased usability and an enhanced experience.

Pulsing People

Innovative solutions require innovative ideas. And providing these ideas are a group of innovative people at Impelsys. The engaging and challenging work environment here pushes the employees to deliver the best solutions for clients. There’s a philosophy that that’s firmly rooted in the company: “Great Culture is not just about work; it’s about creating a holistic ‘Work + Life’ balance.”

This is why you’ll find many employee clubs at the firm. You have the Runner’s Club, the Cricket Club, and the Cycling Club. The Runner’s Club comprises of strong and disciplined individuals who participate in long-distance running including full marathons, 10K, 5K events, and also full marathons. Similarly, the Cricket Club and Cycling Club conduct tournaments like the Impelsys Premier League for cricket and organized cycling tours around the city.

Meet the Leader

Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO

As an entrepreneur, Sameer Shariff is fueled with a passion for turning ideas into real businesses. As the Founder and CEO of Impelsys Inc., Sameer drives Impelsys' business vision, strategy, value and growth. The company today has grown to become a leader in online content and learning delivery for the publishing, healthcare, education, and enterprise markets. Impelsys helps over 250 customers with online content and learning delivery strategy through Impelsys products and services. Impelsys is Sameer’s second startup after Medsite Inc.  

Sameer has also served as a guest speaker at several industry events and has been featured in Forbes, India Today and Silicon India among other publications. Sameer is a passionate sportsperson and has completed the New York and Paris Marathons. He is also active in supporting the Indian startup eco-system where he advises and invests in early stage startups. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School of Business from the University of Pennsylvania.

“At Impelsys it is our endeavor to provide meaning to your pursuit of happiness.”

“Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology.”