Best 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Hearsay Systems: Creating a new era for advisors and agents

In the vast global business world of today, it's possible that we may need advice on many things- either about the latest technology, finance, IT infrastructure, cloud computing, etc. However, as technology advanced, the way to reach for a piece of advice has changed. Take a look at Hearsay Systems, a leading Advisor Cloud company.

At Hearsay Systems, the human touch of an advisor is enhanced, rather than being replaced. This is why there are more than 150,000 agents and advisors who tap in Hearsay Systems for a personalized relationship at scale with AI-assisted automation. At Hearsay Systems, you can access workflows designed for wealth, management, P&C, and life. It all comes with built-in compliance.

Popular for its services, Hearsay Systems is reached out by world’s leading financial services companies including New York Life, Allstate, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc. Hearsay Systems assists you to get a real-time pulse of what’s really going on in the field. Hearsay Systems triggers timely client outreach especially at times where it matters the most.

Absolutely Valuable

The company believes in three core values- GSD, Kaizen, and Customer Focus.

-GSD: Hearsay Systems has a strong devotion to action. GSD expands to Getting Stuff Done. And everyone here values getting the things done, while maintaining the right quality level.

-Kaizen: A Japanese term, Kaizen means continuous self-improvement. The people here encourage and push each other to create efficiency, improve, and streamline work. Everyone here is on a journey of continuous improvement. 

-Customer Focus: At the core foundation of Hearsay Systems, customer experience is highlighted. The success of the customer is the main goal and everyone is committed to achieving this. Transparency is also highly valued.

“We are 100% committed to customer success”

When it comes to transforming a company, it takes more than technology. The Hearsay Advisor Cloud offers many services. They are listed below:

Implementation Services: When it comes to implementation services from Hearsay Systems, it’s world-class! Hearsay Advisor Cloud is successfully configured and implemented within your present environment. There’s also the option of Advanced Implementation Services- where Hearsay Systems caters to customers specifically in financial services.

Education and Training: For any technological deployment, proper training and education is a must. This boosts adoption and the team’s performance as well. This is why Hearsay Systems provides education and training services for all agents, advisors, and administrators as well. There’s also an online education program channeled particularly for professionals in finance.

Premier Accounting Management: The robust account management team at Hearsay Systems consists of skilled and experienced experts. They are dedicated to the customer’s requirements along with Customer Success Managers and Executives. The Hearsay Advisor Cloud transformation, change in management, etc. are all guided and assisted by these experts.

User Support and Helpdesk: Support for clients plays a very important role. It’s the main factor that makes a big difference for clients and maintaining business continuity. At Hearsay Systems, there’s a team of specialists dedicated for Support communication, where they answer all questions and clear all queries. If there’s any technical issue, the support team handles it and ensures you have everything you need with Hearsay Advisor Cloud.

Exciting Growth Stage

The values rooted in the company’s foundation play a very important role in the company’s growth. The ‘always be improving’ mindset is a valuable asset and is present in everything that is done here. Hearsay Systems also believes that it is in the exciting stage of growth today and people working here are dealing with real business problems. When Hearsay Systems solves a customer’s problem, it results in increased revenue for the customer.

Hearsay Systems also believe in working hard and having fun. The people here are a bunch of creative and get-it-done engineers! Some of the largest businesses in the world, including Fortune 100 companies partner with Hearsay Systems to modernize their digital and social channels. The company is fanatic about “creating a product that’s elegant, useful, and ultimately brings them into the modern digital age.”

Genius Inventor

Clara Shih, CEO and Founder

A digital pioneer, Clara developed the first social business application in 2007 and subsequently authored the New York Times-featured bestseller, The Facebook Era, and a sequel, The Social Business Imperative. Clara has been named one of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs,” Fast Company’s “Most Influential People in Technology,” and a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum. She also has been listed in both Fortune’s and Ad Age’s “40 Under 40,” as well as InvestmentNews’ “40 Under 40” and ThinkAdvisor‘s 25 Industry Influencers.

Clara is a member of the Starbucks board of directors and previously served in a variety of technical, product and marketing roles at Google, Microsoft, and She graduated #1 in computer science at Stanford University, where she also received an M.S. in computer science. She also holds an M.S. in internet studies from Oxford University, where she studied as a U.S. Marshall Scholar.

“With the horsepower to do big things, and the dynamism of a small team, you have the opportunity to make an individual impact on a team that is changing the future of sales.”

“We get to work on real business problems, and our customers experience our problem solving with increased revenue.”