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Frontier Digital Ventures helps entrepreneurs build leading online marketplace businesses in emerging markets

Marketplaces are what makes interaction possible. Considering marketplace growth and areas yet untapped by this technology, business owners can leverage the marketplace business model and build their own unique solutions.Founded in May 2014 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV) has a goal of becoming number one in online marketplace businesses in emerging markets. They focus mainly on property and automotive verticals and general classifieds/marketplace websites, and are happy about their amazing track record in building and assisting great companies.

FDV is pleased to take up the challenges of its clients’ and make it an opportunityto help entrepreneurs become game changers.

FDV says, “We seek out entrepreneurs with integrity, unwavering self-belief in their online marketplace business and extraordinary passion to make it succeed. With the extensive support we offer to them coupled with their own energy and work ethic, FDV is bringing outstanding companies of global significance to their full potential and setting a new global standard of excellence in the field.”

Frontier Digital Ventures expertise:


The company hails from global leaders in the property portal industry and has a track record of unparalleled successes in multiple markets around the world.


FDV has a wealth of experience in developing highly successful automotive portals such as Carlist.my, one2car and mobil123.com.


General Classifieds/Marketplace websites or ‘horizontals’ are a feature of emerging markets. FDV has extensive experience in maximizing the performance of these businesses.

FDV partners with high-impact, highly driven entrepreneurs who want to build amazing companies. They are afforded the collective experience, knowledge and network that FDV possess with funding, advice and assistance on setting strategy, and direction in determining the execution of that strategy.

FDV is not just about investing in amazing online businesses but investing in amazing entrepreneurs. FDV places high priority on trust and empowering its partners to have the tools that they need to ensure success over the short, medium and long term.

FDV provides a first class integrated support system to help amazing entrepreneurs build successful online marketplace businesses in emerging markets.

FDV is exclusive in many ways

The founders of FDV have walked in your shoes. It has been there, done it and achieved what you’re setting out to achieve. On the journey to the top, the firm brings that crucial element of experience to the table, helping you to navigate potential pitfalls and with the knowledge gained from steering many online businesses to success, ramp up your online marketplace business taking it through rapid growth to eventual profitability and beyond.

FDV has a proven track record of building successful online marketplace businesses in emerging markets.

Testimonials to prove that it’s far-reaching

“It’s not about the money, it´s about the people, the team, the experience. After more than a year working together I can truly say that the FDV team has changed our perspective of the industry, how to scale a company and how to think outside the box. Half a world of distance and 12 hours of time difference doesn’t mean anything if you partner with them!”

-InfoCasas – Ricardo Frechou

“Working with FDV has been a great decision for our company as the knowledge & guidance that we have received through the partnership has helped us extend our lead in the market and be more efficient in what we do. One of the many commendable aspects of FDV’s model is that they don’t just invest, but they build a true partnership where they would guide you and give you support all the way so that you can avoid the pitfalls many others before you encountered and focus on the solutions that works best. Above all they’re a friendly and professional team with good industry experience, to work with.”

-LankaPropertyWeb – Daham Gunaratna

“Being an entrepreneur at times can be a path walked alone. However, in partnering with FDV, that has not been the case. With their team-oriented approach, we have enjoyed the advantage of receiving timely, specific advice on scaling our business, without straying away from our original vision. FDV understands the little intricacies of growing a digital real estate business. And for that, we are thankful.”

Hoppler – Ramon Ballesca

Shaun Di Gregorio, CEO & Founder

During his four and a half year tenure there (2014-2009), Shaun spearheaded the transformation of iProperty Group from a small online business with a market capitalization of US$15 million into the largest listed Internet company in ASEAN with a market capitalization of US$600 million. Under Shaun’s leadership, iProperty Group experienced growth in all key metrics, achieving revenue growth by 500 per cent and clientele exceeding more than 25,000 agents. Profitability was also achieved, with the business becoming cash flow positive, while the share price increased by 4000 per cent giving shareholders a 15 times return on investment on the original AU$0.25 price per share. iProperty Group was also added to the ASX300, a list of 300 largest public companies on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Prior to this, Shaun spent eight years as General Manager at Australia-based REA Group, a global leader and publisher of as many as 20 real estate websites in 12 countries. As General Manager of the core Australian business and global leader ‘realestate.com.au’, Shaun grew the business alongside a team of eight people with revenue of AU$5million into a company with more than 300 staff and revenues exceeding AU$150 million.

Shaun is a non-Executive Director of iCar Asia (ASX:ICQ), Asia’s leading operator of online automotive portals, an advisor to online marketplace businesses around the world, and holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

“Our mission is to become the leading operator of online marketplace businesses in emerging markets across the globe.”