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Ali Hyder, CEO of Focus Softnet, is responsible for leading the company to year-on-year profitable growth and expansion of global operations

In the digital age, every enterprise requires an ERP to streamline and automate processes. Without it, an enterprise automatically exposes itself to inferior resource tracking and reporting, database management, and data sharing. One of the strongest names in the ERP solutions segment in Asia is Focus Softnet. Its solutions have allowed many businesses to expand without additional IT or staffing costs and have enabled them to grow.

Focus Softnet was founded in 1992 as a product-based company that focussed on IT. The company over a period of time has evolved splendidly to become a leading multinational business solutions provider and innovator. The company delivers ERP solutions, CRM products and services, and places special emphasis on innovation through its R&D that focuses on creating the best experience for its customers. Its offerings can be deployed on-premise and on the cloud.

The Hyderabad-based company first began its work in India. Today, it is the go-to name for many companies for ground-breaking ERP solutions. It has supported many companies by helping them tap into the endless possibilities of cloud and digital systems. After becoming a runaway success story in the Southeast Asian country, it expanded across the globe to 17 countries, operating from 27 offices. Its solutions are utilized by businesses in multiple verticals today, including Automotive, Warehousing & Logistics, Education, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Trade & Services, Real Estate and Construction. 

In Times of COVID-19

In these trying times, everyone has been forced to retreat to their homes and work-from-home. As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages economies and takes a toll on businesses, it is important for every business with the resources to innovate to help each other. 

To ease some of the pressures of the pandemic, Focus Softnet has allowed its on-premise advanced business Cloud ERP software Focus 9 users a free migration to Cloud server during the pandemic. The company is helping businesses make this happen to ensure that their critical business operations are not held up. The effort will also help many customers to work-from-home.

Focus 9 can help businesses with various important tasks including assistance with finance and accounting, customer service, marketing, human resource, production, and other tools for front-office and back-office work. The company has made the cloud ERP software free for three months. And there is a no-contract policy for this offer by Focus Softnet which ensures a hassle-free transition and will allow users to migrate to on-premise servers.

Meet the Chief

Ali Hyder, CEO

As the CEO, Mr. Hyder is responsible for leading the company to year-on-year profitable growth and expansion of global operations. He has been with the Focus Softnet family for over 20 years during which he has served the company in various leadership roles in strategy, delivery and operations. Under his leadership, Focus Softnet has grown into a company of global importance that delivers diversified services. It was his leadership that inspired the company to transform from a product-based company to a provider of both solutions and services in high growth areas. He has led multiple teams of consultants, successfully implementing the solutions developed by Focus Softnet across the globe. His work has been covered extensively by various publications in the Middle East.  

He has a MBA in Marketing from Osmania University.

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