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Flowserve: “We Create Extraordinary Flow Control Solutions to Make the World Better for Everyone”

When it comes to infrastructure, water infrastructure plays a critical role. There are important parts that complete the infrastructure cycle. Let’s take for instance- flow control valves. The purpose of flow control in a hydraulic system is to regulate speed. These valves can automatically adjust to variations in pressure and temperature.

Meet Flowserve. A company that’s helping people all over the globe to solve some of the biggest flow-control challenges. The engineering, project management, product lines, and service expertise of Flowserve is relied on customers worldwide. It’s the company’s unmatched combination of engineering, products, and aftermarket services that has helped the customers achieve impeccable results. When you work with Flowserve, you are assured of optimized performance, mitigated risks, higher productivity, lower operating costs, and prolonged equipment life.

A rich history of over 200 years

The Flowserve we see today has its foundation built on a rich and stable history of innovation. Although the company went public in 1997, the heritage of the company goes all the way back to the founding of Simpson & Thompson in 1790 in Great Britain. This pioneering company later became Worthington Simpson Pumps, now part of the Flowserve family of brands. Today, Flowserve is a publicly traded corporation with $4 Billion in annual sales with its operations spread across more than 500 countries and 300 locations across the world.

With a history of 200 years, the immense experience of Flowserve has come a long way and today employs more than 17,500 associates in 300-plus locations around the world. Flowserve also includes more than 180 quick response centers, which deliver aftermarket parts and services to customers. Moreover, Flowserve offers more than 100 distinct pump models and a wide range of valve and seal products.

Flowserve Facts

17,500+ Employees

Operations in 50+ Countries

300+ Locations Worldwide

180+ Quick Response Centers

“Around the world, Flowserve is striving to create extraordinary flow control solutions to make the world better for everyone.”

The following are the reasons why Flowserve is the right solution for you:

  • Expertise & Experience

Experience is always to the advantage of those who have it. When it comes to Flowserve, the company has more than two centuries of history. This deep experience has enabled it to be a go-to resource for solving the toughest challenges across all industries.

  • Comprehensive Portfolio

Offering the industry’s most complete fluid motion control portfolio, Flowserve enables you to spend less time shopping and evaluating. The result of this is- it has enabled Flowserve to create the best standard and custom solutions for you.

  • Superior Quality & Reliability

It’s important to keep workers and the public safe. With Flowserve, you can be assured of the utmost safety and reliability because of the way the products are designed. It’ll also help you reduce unplanned downtime as well.

  • Streamlined Execution

Flowserve offers a suite of full-service solutions with a worldwide footprint. With this, it can be said that Flowserve’s time-to-operation and global management capabilities are unparalleled.

  • Maximize Operations

To understand Flowserve, it’s important to note that the company is more than just pumps, valves, and seals. When you extend your business partnership with Flowserve, your systems’ overall operational efficiency is maximized. The innovative upgrades, local QRC expertise, and data insights from Flowserve provide you solutions to maximize your operations.

  • Local Support Worldwide

Having a worldwide reach is a must at present times. Flowserve conducts its operations wherever your business is. Flowserve’s 180+ Quick Response Centers help to minimize downtime and resources with a fast, dependable response.

Experience in motion

Flowserve believes that its knowledge comes from years of being a global leader. “Experience is the cornerstone of Flowserve culture, enabling us to bring industry-leading innovations and cost savings to our customers,” says the President and CEO- R. Scott Rowe. For instance- Flowserve has helped move 13 million barrels of oil through the Alaska pipeline. It doesn’t end there. Another example is where the company contributed immensely to establish an irrigation system that provides water for more than three million acres in northern Thailand.

“Our core business is providing fluid motion and control products and services,” the Flowserve website says. However at Flowserve, motion means something more. The motion at Flowserve is something that captures the spirit and actions that’s associated with the company worldwide. It also conveys the ongoing efforts to move forward with advances in technology and ground-breaking industry applications.

Hello Leader!

Scott Rowe- President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Rowe has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since April 2017. Prior to joining Flowserve, Mr. Rowe served as President of the Cameron Group, a position he assumed in April 2016 following the merger between Schlumberger and Cameron International Corporation, formerly an NYSE-listed leading provider of flow management equipment, systems and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. At Cameron, Mr. Rowe served in a variety of progressive roles during his 14-year career, culminating as its President and CEO. Before joining Cameron in 2002, Rowe was with Varco International and previously served in the U.S. Army.

“Through our unmatched combination of products, engineering and aftermarket services, we help our customers achieve tangible business results.”

“Our core business is providing fluid motion and control products and services.”

“Experience is the cornerstone of Flowserve culture, enabling us to bring industry-leading innovations and cost savings to our customers.”