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CyberHat: Experience the service, benefit from the technology

Every business, small or large, needs cybersecurity services to protect its assets from the looming threats of this connected world. While building a cybersecurity infrastructure in-house is not feasible to avert these threats for every business, they can always outsource the requirement to a company that excels at cyber defense. Based out of Tel Aviv, Israel is one of the world’s best cybersecurity proponents, CyberHat. The company is behind one of the foremost cybersecurity technologies out there in existence today. 

Founded in 2012 by noted cybersecurity expert, Nadav Arbel, CyberHat is a company that specializes in cyber-defense services and solutions. It provides cybersecurity services including strategic and tactical teams for cyber intelligence, cyber and IT security architecture, cyber hacking and cracking, forensics and response capabilities, and much more worldwide. Their services are availed by businesses, governments, and across various industries including fintech, telecom, retail, energy, and infrastructure organizations. 

CyberHat’s solutions are designed and maintained by an elite team of cybersecurity experts that includes white hat hackers, defenders, and state-level investigators with experience in national and corporate arenas. 


In a world where over 85% of all CISOs are unhappy with their current security services, CyberHat’s CYBERBRO is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. CYBERBRO is the company’s Managed Security Operation (SOC) offering that provides SMBs the ability to make fast and effective decisions based on centralized information. It also gives businesses the visibility of the whole network, so that the organization can monitor and detect suspicious activity in real-time. The solution is also 100% technology agnostic. 

It is a great cybersecurity platform for organizations that are looking to optimize their cybersecurity capabilities. The solution comprises of industry-leading analysts cherry-picked from the government intelligence organizations. These experts monitor and optimize the defenses and respond to threats to provide a fully managed cybersecurity operation.

An Alliance with KPMG Australia

The clout of cybercrime continues to grow all over the world. According to KPMG, the cost of cybercrime to Australian businesses is now reaching $29 billion. In addition to this, the pandemic is widening the gap between big tech MNCs and smaller organizations. Smaller organizations are simply not as protected as the larger ones. Besides, building in-house cybersecurity capabilities to tackle today’s ever-evolving threat landscape can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. To bridge this gap, CyberHat formed an alliance with KPMG Australia to mid-market companies and SMEs. 

“Many smaller organizations struggle to keep up with technology and digital disruption, even though the threat from cyber-crime is growing. We’re delighted to enter this alliance with KPMG Australia and bring our flagship product to Australian SMEs. Companies’ growing dependence on digital information and digital interconnections leaves them facing a rising risk of cyberattacks that can cause significant financial, operational and reputational damage,” says CyberHat CEO Nadav Arbel. 

Last year’s survey by the Australian Cyber Security Centre deduced that 62% of SMEs in the region had been affected by a cybersecurity incident. To mitigate this threat to SMEs, the alliance launched Cyrebro, a cybersecurity solution to help them detect and react to cyber threats. The solution levels the playing field for SMEs in Australia when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Cyrebro is designed to monitor a company’s network 24/7. It provides integrated cyberattack detection, response, and threat intelligence services from a Security Operations Centre. If it detects a threat or an attack, it alerts the experts at CyberHat and KPMG who mobilize to manage the situation.

Meet the Cybersecurity Expert

Nadav Arbel, Founder and CEO

With extensive experience of over 15 years in Cyber and IT security for Military intelligence and Law enforcement agencies at tactical and technological units, he is a specialist at cyber defense, intelligence gathering and strategic technical systems. He is the name behind Israeli Cyber and SIGINT technology unit for the Israeli Police. He commanded the unit between 2009 and 2012. He has also served international tech companies in various roles from being a COO to being a Defense division manager.

Customer Testimonials

“These guys are the real thing. Their service was much better than our previous managed SOC vendor. They were there for us 24/7 to answer any call, question or cybersecurity query.” – Mark, Medical Application - CiSO

“CYBERBRO Incident Response team guided us online and together we blocked the threat from spreading in our network.” – Sam, Casino- CIO

“Our SIEM technology wasn’t aligned to our business and security needs until the CYBERBRO Lab team came in and helped us optimize it.” – Jeff, CiSO

“CYBERBRO Monitoring team was the first to identify a cybersecurity threat in our network, alert us and start managing it.” – Jonathan, Retail Company- CiSO

“CyberHat’s security solutions are designed, executed and operated by elite Israeli cybersecurity experts.”

“Our experience comes from hands-on deep cybersecurity forensic and postmortem investigations, advanced hacking simulations and cyber assessments for companies of all sizes from the fortune 500 to small and medium-sized businesses.”

“We protect financial services, retailers, telecoms, energy and infrastructure organizations around the world.”