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Clavister: A Leader in Virtual Security with an Eye to the Future

Over the past decade, Europe, especially Scandinavian countries like Sweden have become a booming hub and a launch pad for successful tech corridors in the world. According to a study done in 2015 by the investment firm Atomico, reports state that Sweden became the second most prolific tech hub in the world on a per capita basis, producing $6.3 billion in value per million people. This marks the remarkable advancements in Swedish technology and innovation over the years, especially in security.

Speaking of security, there are so many threats that loom over us today than ever before. No organization is safe from threats and attacks. Virtual security has become a necessity and an essential part of every business. It not only helps in protecting an enterprise, but also saves money and increases business efficiency. Without affecting the routine business or causing any disruptions, virtualization is the best first-line of defense with less equipment.

Meet Clavister, a leading forefront of virtual security with a vision of creating ‘an all-communicating world, based on trust and security.’ With nearly two decades of experience, Clavister is the most sought-after vendor in Europe for all things regarding cybersecurity. Established in Sweden, Clavister is specialized in network security solutions and is branching out to the rest of the world to provide its solutions. Why Clavister, you ask? All their unique security solutions protect and secure your digital assets andclavister cover story 2019 ensure your business continuity.

Based on Swedish innovation, Clavister delivers business continuity through holistic cybersecurity solutions. The company’s customers are spread across more than 150 countries and include various governmental organizations, enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs), communication service providers, etc. Top clients like D-Link, Nokia, Canon rely on Clavister, which also has collaborations with VMware, Intel, Redhat, etc. Since 2014, Clavister has been listed in NASDAQ First North.

A journey of 20 years

The tech-savvy innovation from Sweden needs no further introduction. This Swedish innovation is embedded deep in the founding roots of Clavister. The company stands where it is today by-chance in an unlikely place in Sweden. Clavister, a Latin word meaning ‘Key holder’, is located in Örnsköldsvik (a geological point between Stockholm and the Arctic Circle), which is known for its scenic beauty. Powered with an excellent university in Umeå, Örnsköldsvik is blessed with knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit of creating value and wealth from modest means.

It is in these lands that the story of Clavister begins. Way back in 1995, Peter Johansson founded an Internet company called EnterNet Sweden HB. As the company grew, it became mission critical for the company to get secured routers and other equipment. He joined hands with John Vestberg, a software entrepreneur, and Mikael Olsson, another talented software engineer. Together, the trio set about to find a solution.

With joined resources, they created a fast and secure router. This was a remarkable achievement as such a router generally requires teams of staff and a strong budget to back it. It turns out; the router that they developed was an actual product that could be released in the market. It was a device that could take on the security aspects of an always-on Internet connection; a brilliant idea that could be sold worldwide. And just like that, Clavister AB was established in 2001 and EnterNet AB became the new company, founded by Johansson and co-founded by Vestberg.

A year or two into Clavister’s founding, a first physical appliance was launched. Clavister released a highly regarded firewall device that was successful in every test. A few more years later, in 2008, the company released its first virtual gateway, achieving a critical technological milestone. Boom! The reputation of the firm spread across the European continent along with the market craving for more products and services from it. Clavister became an award-winning company after it developed a proprietary software – first cOS core and later its cOS stream solution.

More importantly, Clavister was recognized as an industry expert and respected in the world of cybersecurity. The company’s expansion and growth continued where soon offices in Asia were established. Further investments and growth have helped Clavister create a customer base of 20,000 clients recorded with a 95% satisfaction rate. The recognition made Clavister one of the few Swedish technology companies to be listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic exchange.

Products in a gist:

Clavister offers a wide range of security products that be classified into network security and device security. Here’s a gist of the company’s offerings:

  • For Network Security

Clavister NetWall: As the next-gen firewall product by Clavister, NetWall is designed to take on challenges pertaining to the modern mobile workforce with the policy of BYOD; and the same time takes shields against cyber criminals, putting the user in control.

Clavister NetShield: NetShield is the service-based firewall and its unique feature is a single tool that manages security. Global Policies and Zero Touch deployment are the key highlights of NetShield.

  • For Management and Security Analytics

Clavister InControl: Developed for management and security analytics, the InControl is Clavister’s premium centralized management system built to handle thousands of Clavister Next-Generation Firewalls in large networks.

  • Identity and Access Management

Clavister EasyAccess: One of the major reasons for security breaches and compromises is the simple combination people use for their usernames and passwords. In today’s threat-defined world, this can’t work! Clavister EasyAccess is here to protect sensitive data and business applications.

  • For Device Security

Clavister EndPoint Client: Did you know that there are hundreds of malwares created each day, designed specifically to attack your endpoint devices to steal your data? The Clavister Endpoint Security Client offers advanced Zero-Day defense, cloud-based management and data protection.

Clavister OneConnect: The SSL VPN Client from Clavister OneConnect offers easy-to-use and simple solution for remote access using the Clavister’s Next-Generation Firewalls.

  • Cloud Security

Clavister InCenter Cloud: You can achieve business efficiency and improve your security at the same time with Clavister InCenter Cloud. The product enables IT organizations running Clavister firewalls with actionable insights.

Security Use Cases

At Clavister, the security use cases are divided into three areas, which are Connect, Protect and Prevent. Let’s take a look at these:

Connect: It refers to Clavister’s way of securely connecting sites to each other and to the internet with a focus on security and reliability.

Protect: Clavister believes in inspecting traffic and behavior for threats in order to protect a client’s digital assets.

Prevent: The company takes pro-active action and preventive measures to reduce the risk of users making mistakes and putting a client’s business at risk.

Clavister for Education

Clavister believes that training is one of the most important activities that you can engage in. Clavister provides a number of training certificates and courses to give the user a deep understanding of how the Clavister products and services work. With this training, it gives a complete advantage to access all the important features. Simply put, the course gives you an understanding of how to get the most out of your Clavister equipment.

Core and Stream are the ‘cOS’ courses offered from Clavister. Going in-detail, the Clavister cOS Core is the base software engine. It drives and controls the range of Clavister Security Gateway hardware products, which can also be deployed as a software-only product. On the other hand, the Clavister cOS Stream provides network security functions while providing high performance by fully utilizing the parallel processing advantages of multi-core hardware platforms. 

Quality over anything else

Clavister has a unique quality policy. Here, quality isn’t a destination in itself, but rather a continuous journey. The company keeps bringing out flexible products and services by keeping a constant focus on what the customers actually need and what the market demands. This helps to meet the demands of both the present and future customers. For Clavister, providing the customer products and services that they need and rely upon for their daily business is a prerequisite for business success.

Keeping all of this in mind, every Clavister employee takes an active part in the continuous improvement of the products, services, and operations. Since quality comes over everything else for Clavister, in 2007 the company decided to get official recognition for its work and certify the company in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard. The following year, Clavister received the ISO 9001 certification as an approval of the firm’s dedication to quality and process improvements.

The Visionary of Clavister

John Vestberg, President and CEO

John Vestberg co-founded Clavister in 1997 and was imperative in the process leading up the release of the company’s first commercial security product, as well as a key driver in securing business with some of Clavister’s most important strategic accounts. Vestberg built up Clavister’s Research & Development department and acted as the company CTO from 2003 until 2017 when he assumed the CEO responsibility. Before Clavister, Vestberg was a sole proprietor conducting IT consultancy projects for public administration as well as private firms. He is a certified Upper Secondary School Engineer and is also a Board member of Örnsköldsviks Industrigrupp.

“20 years of innovation that has led to us to our present market position, a leader in virtual security with an eye to the future.”

“For us, quality is not a destination in itself, it is a journey. We have a constant focus on our market and what our customers need.”