Best 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Clarifai: An artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses

Machine learning in enterprise helps in intensifying enterprise scalability and enhancing business operations for organizations worldwide. Artificial talent equipment and numerous ML algorithms have won high-quality reputation in the business analytics community.

Matthew Zeiler, who is proficient in machine learning, founded Clarifai in 2013. The company has been successful in the market winning the leading 5 places in image classification at a competition named ImageNet 2013.

Clarifai's video recognition solutions and well built image are based on the unconventional machine learning platform, which is made easily available via API, device SDK, and on-premise, empowering businesses globally to create intelligent applications for a new generation.


Clarifai Predict aids companies to personalize vision models to cater the business challenges. You are free to train your custom models or take help of Clarifai specialists. 

Clarifai Train helps training complicated vision AI model. With a simple data explorer user-interface, customers can train computer vision models with a few clicks and only a handful of images.

Deploying API Cloud

Integrate machine learning into your business in no time flat with just a few lines of code.

  • Most cost effective for small-moderate volume
  • Fastest time to value
  • No maintenance required
  • Open development platform

Customer development story

Company background

Picturepark is proficient in providing Content Management solutions for agencies and brands around the globe. Their motive is to aid companies successfully connect, manage, and route content: from its points of creation to where it’s most needed.

What was the challenge this company faced?

Customers have extensive digital libraries; customers might find it difficult to get the apt content when required. This would often stem from the way that the media was tagged: for example, one person might tag an image with ‘German Shepherd’, but another might simply tag it ‘Dog’.

Picturepark wanted to help their customers improve the ways they tag and categorize their media, in order to increase discoverability at the crucial moment of search.

Problem solved by Clarifai

While individuals see visual media through a bias of personal experience, culture, or language, computer vision AI sees visual media through collective experiences and machine learning. Picturepark was delighted with the potential of utilizing this innovative technology and its capacity to aid their customers tag and find the right content at the right time.

Latest updates

June 2018

  • PHP Client: Permits you to utilize Clarifai’s functionality in your PHP applications
  • Android SDK: The Android SDK helps in accessing machine learning directly on your device, by passing the traditional requirement of internet connectivity and extensive computing power October 2018

Moderation Solution: Provides you with the machine learning models, tools, and interfaces that can moderate objectionable content from your website.

January 2019

Updated Face Detection Model: Clarifai has advanced the face detection model to identify faces from different angles to the camera, out of camera’s reach and that are partially obstructed.

March 2019

Introducing Clarifai Portal: Clarifai has given its UI, now called Clarifai Portal, a facelift to better your user experience and to bring you new features even faster. Once you log-in you can expect a unified experience where you can manage your App Details, Account Settings, the Explore mode all in one place, keyboard shortcuts and prediction thresholding features to help you label images more efficiently, and a massive under-the-hood cleanup to give you a more Performant and reliable app experience.

Search Demo: You can now discover how visual search can best work for you with the company’s newly launched public demo of Clarifai Search, a computer vision-powered search product. The search demo allows you to automatically retrieve and discover the most relevant images from your dataset, all without the need to tag every image.

What the customers have to say

“We compared several services including Google Cloud Vision, Amazon, and Clarifai. We found that Clarifai is the most flexible, accurate, efficient solution and best fits our use case.”

Chris Chan, Co-Founder and VP of product at 9GAG

Backdrop of Matthew Zeiler, Founder and CEO

Matthew received a Ph.D. in machine learning and image recognition with the pioneers of deep learning and convolutional neural networks. His research produced the top 5 results in the 2013 ImageNet classification competition.

“Clarifai provides a complete set of tools to make training and using computer vision AI models painless. From an intuitive user interface, to APIs.”

“Hundreds of enterprise customers trust Clarifai to help them deliver their product on time, with accuracy, and at scale.”

“We specialize in artificial intelligence, neural networks, deep learning, API, image recognition, machine learning, software, computer vision, and research.”