Calsoft Systems: The Humanity behind the Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner Technology

Every organization big or small requires the right ERP solution. ERP solutions integrate all departments and functions across the company. It is a single system that caters to the diverse needs of individual departments. Moreover, ERP systems automate business processes as it comes in an easy-to-use format. But it is important for every organization to choose the right ERP solution provider. Calsoft Systems is a leading ERP business solutions provider and a Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner.   

History and Journey

Founded by Nem and Yoko Bajra in 1994, Calsoft Systems has been a leading provider of custom tailored ERP solutions for hundreds of clients, ranging from local businesses to some of the world’s most prestigious multinationals. It all started with an aim to create affordable customized software ranging from small to midsize tour companies with Nem’s 15 years experience in software development.

Nem then designed a user-friendly system to create and manage tours, which propelled the customer’s business performance to new levels. Even today, some of the world’s biggest players in the tour industry have remained a part of Calsoft Systems’ growing clientele. The Calsoft trajectory in the following years reflected the software industry as a whole, including the boom and pop.

Together, Nem and Yoko Bajra defined Calsoft Systems’ mission as helping clients business improve performance, seeking professional and financial growth for all employees and serving the community. The focus on teamwork and mission helped to shape the flexible, resilient and caring company that operates today and that continues to grow after two decades.

Building the Tailor-made Solutions

Today Calsoft Systems provides tailored ERP solutions that maximize business performance for hundreds of clients all around the world. With offices throughout North America and Asia, the company runs on the mission to maximize its clients’ business performance by understanding their needs. Calsoft applies its in-depth expertise in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions. The company integrated ERP solutions apply to industries cover everything ranging from distribution to manufacturing to logistics and travel.

Awarded with an elite Microsoft partnership, Calsoft excels in multi-site ERP implementations, sophisticated customizations, comprehensive solutions and a boutique customer experience. “Our expertise in the distribution, manufacturing, logistics and travel industry enables our clients to leverage an enterprise system to its fullest potential,” says the CEO of Calsoft Systems, Nem Bajra. “We pride ourselves in a history of project success and consistent ROI delivery for our clients that reap benefits well beyond their investment.”

A well-executed implementation gives businesses a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Calsoft has completed over three hundred implementations for both local small-midsized companies and prestigious global firms. The company’s multi-lingual consultants and office locations across North America and Asia provide its clients a global partner that offers local support.

The Calsoft Culture

Calsoft Systems believe that the people are a company’s greatest asset. “Not all partners are alike. At Calsoft, we know that choosing a partner is more than just the technology,” says Nem. He believes it’s about long-term commitment. Implementing an ERP system is a big decision that impacts every part of the client’s organization. “Which is why we advise clients to select a partner they trust – both in technology and in integrity. We believe relationships are based on trust, collaboration, and fun,” he adds.

Stepping into the Calsoft Systems office, one can see the brilliant minds at work. Meetings in multiple languages, developers coding, consultants brainstorming, engineers building and everyone collaborating each day to apply human brainpower and the latest technology to make the client’s business perform better than ever thought possible. And that is Calsoft culture.

“Our team is comprised of Microsoft certified specialists, accountants, MBAs, project managers, MIS engineers, solution architects, and software developers,” notes the CEO. “It’s a fully charged staff of passionate professionals who make business enterprise system hum with optimal power.”

Going beyond Technology

Technology may be known as a fast-paced industry with high turnover, but Calsoft maintains the family-centric culture instilled by its founders, which extends to its partners and customers. Each client is given personalized attention and is never treated as a template.

“Our company culture is why our average employee retention is over 7 years, while many of our employees stay for 10+ years (and counting). For our clients, this retention means a committed team that stays with your project from start to finish and even long after that,” he further explains.

Nem also believes that there is something invisible that infuses the work at Calsoft. He believes there is warmth, sincerity, humanity ­– a type of caring that extends beyond roles or what is expected of the company. “And we continue to keep those bonds even as we grow and cast our net wider,” he expresses. Calsoft cares about the community and how flourishing businesses take a part in improving it.

Meet the Leading Force of Calsoft Systems

Nem Bajra is the founder, CEO and president of Calsoft Systems. Prior to establishing Calsoft, Nem was a software developer at a company in Southern California where he developed one of the first security systems for use with a PC in the 1980s. This was the time when PCs were still in its early stages. The worldwide success of this security software led the company to undergo a corporate takeover which brought upon significant changes to the company culture – and triggered Nem’s first steps toward forging his own path as an entrepreneur. Nem studied at the Philips International Institute in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics from Kyoto University and a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona.

“We pride ourselves in a history of project success and consistent ROI delivery for our clients that reap benefits well beyond their investment.”

“We advise clients to select a partner they trust – both in technology and in integrity. We believe relationships are based on trust, collaboration, and fun.”