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CallMiner analyzes every customer interaction, across all channels, and automatically uncover actionable intelligence

We're living in the information age and data overpowers everything else. Technology too is helping improve the ways to gather information so that clients can stay ahead in the competitive market landscape. Also, at this age, the customer is the one who has a lot of power. If business organizations aren't able to retain their customers, it would be a severe loss. When a customer accesses your website, they should be able to find what they need. If they need to contact you, easy and effective communication platforms need to be there.

Introducing CallMiner- a company that needs no further introduction! The company is a proud provider of speech analytics solutions for improving agent performance. Established in 2002, CallMiner delivers highly useable, scalable, and effective speech analytics solutions creating exceptional value to customers. In other words, CallMiner helps business organizations improve their contact center performance. Clients are enabled to gather important business intelligence when they automatically listen to the conversations of client interaction.

The customer analytics from CallMiner is the market-leading platform that automatically analyzes voices of the contacts across all communication channels including SMS, surveys, social media, chats, emails, calls, etc. Today, the company is proud of the 2+ billion hours of mined conversations that have helped so many clients. Another proud factor for CallMiner has industry leaders who come with14 years of experience and are taking the company to new heights.

The CallMiner Eureka platform

To understand more about CallMiner, we need to take a look at CallMiner Eureka. CallMiner Eureka is a speech analytics and customer engagement platform that’s based on SaaS. The platform leverages machine learning and AI to transcribe, capture, and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions. The platform also delivers sensitive data redaction and sentiment analysis that leads to automated scoring. This further helps to create awareness at scale with evidence- effectively driving customer experience. In the end, the client is left with better contact center optimization, risk mitigation performance, and sale effectiveness.

Voice of the customers and agents are transformed on the engagement analytics platform. It’s transformed into “operational intelligence at scale with automated performance and sentiment scoring, topic discovery and trend presentation,” as CallMiner states in its website. Here are brief pointers that show how exactly the CallMiner Eureka works.

Speech to Text: First is the speech to text. Clients are provided with accurate call transcription. Features like customer and agent sentiment and audio with separated voices of the speakers are provided. 

Secure: Security is of utmost importance, especially considering the number of privacy invasions taking place today. CallMiner has PCI redacted audio and transcript.

Modular: The application platform is modular with packaged solutions and customizable API.

Maintaining organizational agility is something CallMiner excels at. Maintaining this allows the company to further adapt to the constantly evolving market demands. At CallMiner, there are more than 300 customer-requested features that have been implemented into the products and solutions made. The upgraded software services bring out extensive product knowledge. Moreover, the years of hands-on best-practice expertise is put into each customer engagement.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, CallMiner is ranked number one in the speech analytics vendors’ market. The agnostic and to-the-source system captures data. Further, support is integrated with all market-leading email systems, call recorder, popular social networking sites, and chat.

“The greatest value we are getting from CallMiner is that we didn’t know what we were missing. CallMiner gives us that pervasive insight to know that what we are doing is working or not working, so that we can make positive changes and always do our best,” says a project trainer at Americollect. No wonder the company is called the numero uno!

The Numero Uno

Paul Bernard, President & CEO

Mr. Bernard is responsible for setting the strategic direction of CallMiner, driving operational execution, and building a collaborative culture that is the foundation for achieving customer, partner, employee, and investor goals. He has over 25 years experience in High Technology and Banking including roles as both Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for both early stage privately held companies and later stage public companies. Most recently, he served as COO and CFO of ExaGrid Systems, a $40M global provider of backup storage systems.

Prior to that, Mr. Bernard was the CFO of EqualLogic, a primary storage systems provider that grew rapidly to over $100M in sales and was sold to Dell for $1.4 billion. He was also the CFO of CareInsite, an early e-health player that went public in 1999 and later sold to WebMd for $2 Billion. Earlier in his career, Mr. Bernard served in senior roles at Thinking Machines, Compugraphic, GCA Corporation, BayBanks, and State Street Bank. He holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island.

“CallMiner Eureka is a SaaS-based, customer engagement and speech analytics platform that leverages AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions.”

“Elevate the customer experience. Communicate via your customer’s preferred channels. Power your business with customer insights. Optimize outcomes.”