Altizon Systems: Industrial IoT Platform for Digital Transformation

The industry is going through a transformation and this transformation is being called Industry 4.0. In the third iteration of industrial revolution adoption of computers and automation was introduced. Companies now are pushing the envelope in this direction fuelled by data and machine learning as an Industry 4.0 initiative.

IoT has been a disruptive force for the Industry, so much so, that companies are now scrambling to integrate devices to monitor and manage their assembly lines, which are dominated by machines and robots in this day and age. Altizon Systems- with its special expertise in the Industrial IoT has been providing comprehensive solutions for the leading names of the industry.

Altizon was founded in 2013 by three co-founders with an idea of delivering solutions which would bring upon industrial digital revolution globally. The company has taken initiatives to make this happen by undertaking smart manufacturing initiatives, modernizing Asset Performance Management and pioneering new business models for service delivery. The company caters to multiple industries that include Automotive, Steel, FMCG, Energy, and Chemical.

Altizon’s Datonis IIoT Platform was launched in 2013 and it quickly became the company’s best offering to date. The platform is capable of expediting the process of integrating IT/OT through swiftly connecting industrial assets and launching new applications over a hybrid infrastructure with edge computing.

Datonis Platform to the rescue

A global metal forging company based out of Pune, India wished to improve their products, business and the efficiency of the production data from their assembly lines. This was a part of its Industry 4.0 initiative.

The $2.5 billion conglomerate which has a transcontinental presence had multiple assembly lines that included machines, robots, and conveyors. They wanted to use IIoT solutions to analyze real-time and historical data to get insights to improve throughput and predict outcomes.

The Problem:

The company had invested in multiple SCADA systems across its lines. But these heterogeneous systems gave birth to challenges pertaining to data collection and presenting a unified view of the production and efficiency data. Moreover, the company was worried that adding more machines would result in a huge growth of data to be processed.


To help with the situation, Altizon through its Datonis IIoT Platform provided the company with accurate real-time OEE and production visibility. Prior to the deployment of Datonis, the company calculated these statistics manually and had concerns regarding the data inaccuracy. After Datonis Platform took up the responsibility, all data was collected and analyzed at a central location available anywhere and at anytime. The company could even monitor the real-time condition of the machines in their assembly lines after deploying Datonis.

Tremendous track record

The company since its inception has helped the wide range of companies in multiple industries that have included a 125-year-old industrial pump manufacturing company, a billion dollar metal company, an FMCG leader, an automotive component manufacturer, sensor manufacturers and many more. Altizon has worked across verticals and has demonstrated its great skill in adapting and solving unique problems. Altizon has grown to become a global leading Industrial IoT platform. Its performance is vouched for by the widely-recognized Gartner and several other analyst firms. Also, with great partners such as Wipro, Lumis Partners, and The Hive, Altizon has had two great funding rounds and raised $5 million in total.

Most recently, Altizon partnered with Axiscades to help their customers build ‘Factory of the Future’ combined with smart manufacturing and digital transformation offerings. The company has also launched its 2019 Smart Manufacturing ROI Almanac. The Almanac provides insights and analyzes the cost savings and ROI timelines for those who are looking to embark on an IoT journey.

Founder’s Corner

Vinay Nathan, CEO and Co- founder of Altizon

Mr. Nathan has had a career that has seen him work in multiple roles in engineering, product management, marketing and sales. Before founding Altizon, Mr. Nathan handled the sales portfolio across the APAC and Middle East for a company called Persistent Systems as their Sales VP (APAC and Middle East). He was the project lead at Encodex Technologies before that.

His interests in technology are Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, RFIS, short range wireless networks and multimedia streaming frameworks. He did his MS in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.

Awards & Recognition

- Altizon was named in the list of Cool Vendors in Embedded Software and Systems by Gartner in 2015.

-Gartner named Altizon in its comprehensive report for Competitive Landscape of IoT Platform Vendors for 2017.

-The company was declared as the winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2017 India IoT Energy Monitoring New Product Innovation Leadership Award.

Altizon offers a technology driven process for IoT enabled digital transformation of your business.

With a global footprint of over 100 enterprise users, Altizon is a leading Industrial IoT platform provider as recognized by Gartner and several other analyst firms like Forrester and BCG.

Altizon empowers Industrial Digital Revolutions globally by helping enterprises use machine data to drive business decisions.