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AirTrunk - building efficient, secure and flexible data centres

With an increase in web traffic, the demand for data centres has been increasing globally. The upcoming tech-savvy generation generally likes to keep multiple internet-enabled devices. Moreover, with the advent of 5G, the data consumption rates have exponentially increased.

Gone are the days where websites used to be just text and images. COVID-19 has already changed the way we use the internet. The work-from-home culture has made the use of video-conferencing, use of cloud-based software much more common to the public. Even online gaming services like Stadia and Microsoft Game Pass leverage the internet to stream games. The demand for faster internet with lower response times will always keep increasing. Even the backhaul of 5G and upcoming next-generation mobile-communications will require a diverse optical fibre connection with highly capable data centres.

AirTrunk, an Australia based multinational company is looking forward to changing the scenario of data centres by building one of the top chain of data centres across the Asia Pacific. Starting from its home country, Australia, AirTrunk is now opening up its highly advanced data centre in Singapore and Hong Kong.

AirTrunk data centre solutions are tailor-made to meet the needs of cloud and content providers as well as large enterprises. It has expertise in building efficient, secure and flexible homes for your valuable data. The AirTrunk team aims to support your growing hyperscale data centre requirements in the Asia-Pacific region. Bringing an experienced team together from leading data centre and technology companies is just a start.

AirTrunk’s Services

COST EFFECTIVE: AirTrunk aims to provide a place where high performance doesn't mean high cost. It provides services with lower lease rates, zero electricity margins and no monthly add-ons.

SECURE & RELIABLE: A place where data never sleeps. 100% availability backed by industry-leading SLAs. So you can always be there for your customers. AirTrunk’s comprehensive certification process includes ISO 27001, PCI DSS, 'SAE 3402 and SCEC Zone 3 or higher.

FAST & RESPONSIVE: A place that moves as fast as you do. AirTrunk’s data centres scale fast. So they are always ready to expand whenever you require.

SUSTAINABLE & EFFICIENT: AirTrunk is committed to saving the environment. It is a place that doesn't cost the earth. Lower water usage and guaranteed PUE for fixed costs and sustainability.

FLEXIBLE & CUSTOMER CENTRIC: For AirTrunk, customers always come first. Tailored solutions make it easy to work with our data centre experts at every step.

GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY: AirTrunk is a place for innovation. Their investment in R&D delivers higher reliability, efficiency, and responsiveness to the customers.

AirTrunk’s Partnerships

Airtrunk has partnered with Datacom which provides world-class data centre hosting and co-location services in AirTrunk’s brand new facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. Datacom has its dedicated and secured data hall in each facility. This facility allows Datacom to provide all of the benefits of AirTrunk’s state-of-the-art facilities, with Datacom’s renowned technical support and customer service. With over 5,200 people and annual revenues of over $1.2 billion, Datacom is one of Australasia’s largest professional IT services companies. It has extensive expertise in the operation of contact centres, data centres, the provision of IT services, software engineering and application management, as well as payroll and customer service design and operations.

Apart from that, AirTrunk also has a strategic partnership with StarHub, to provide data centre services in Singapore. StarHub will offer data centre services from AirTrunk’s new 60-Megawatt hyperscale data centre campus in Loyang, AirTrunk SGP1. The StarHub Data Centre at Loyang facility is scheduled to be in service by mid-2020 and will offer a full suite of 24/7 information and communication technology and connectivity services to its customers.

Meet the maestro

Robin Khuda, is the founder and CEO of AirTrunk, the most successful hyper-scale data centre platform supporting cloud, content and major enterprises in key markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region. AirTrunk is backed by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) and Mr. Khuda is overseeing multi-billion dollar investment in APAC region to enable growth of public cloud.

He is a recipient of Outstanding CEO Award in 2020 by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of information and communications, in alignment with PTC’s mission to connect people and organizations for a better world. He also has been named in Tech in Asia's "Top 30 Tech Startup Founders" in 2018 for significant innovations.
Mr. Khuda has been featured on Data Economy's Power 200 - a global list of the world's most influential data economy leaders and the APAC 50 - the top 50 data centre and cloud influencers.

Mr. Khuda is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia and an MBA in Finance from the Manchester Business School, UK. He has undertaken senior executive programs at the Harvard Business School, USA and the Wharton School, USA specializing in Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions. 

“Our ground-breaking technology and innovative designs have allowed us to re-imagine the data centres of yesterday to deliver our customers more secure, efficient and scalable solutions.”

“Our leadership in data centre innovation, financing and our phenomenal growth story have been recognised in multiple award programs across the globe.”