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4INFO: Ensuring you stay relevant in a converging world

Communication has been the basis of mankind’s growth over the generations. In fact, every institution or organization that's present today has a foundation based on good communication. In the modern context, the idea of communication has undergone massive changes. On a business perspective, one of the channels of communication is through advertising. While a business brands their product or service through advertising, it's also a communicative platform to raise awareness among customers about the latest trends.

However, for an advertisement to be successful communication, it needs to reach the target audience. Without reaching the right people, any communication loses its value. It’s even more evident in advertisements. So, what do you do to ensure that your ads reach the right people? 4INFO is the answer to all of your worries.

What does 4INFO do? 4INFO is instrumental in helping advertisers to bring out content with deep meaning that drives results for clients. It’s a converging world today and 4INFO is all set for multiple devices with its cross-channel campaigns. By leveraging the third-party segmentation or CRM data, 4INFO can target to the exact audience you wish to communicate with.

Hitting bull’s eye

In this highly competitive market, 4INFO stands out in the crowd today. Here are the reasons:

Measurements: Ever heard of ‘Return on Ad Spend?’ It is an unsung metric and is one of the easiest revenue-based metrics to measure. 4INFO is a company that delivers Return on Ad Spend by measuring what truly matters to the clients. It doesn’t matter where the transactions take place- 4INFO works to lift incremental sales.

Reach: As mentioned above, reaching out to the right audience can make or break a campaign. The company guarantees to reach more than ninety-five percent of all US smartphone users across multiple screens. You can be assured of precise ad targeting when you team up with 4INFO.

Accuracy: While an ad campaign can be very informative, attractive, and entertaining, it’s a total waste if it doesn’t match the people accurately. 4INFO is a pro when it comes to matching people to their gadgets with absolute accuracy using its deterministic methods, so that the clients can target with precision.

Solutions-delivered with absolute precision

In simple terms, you can target your customers with absolute precision when you reach them with 4INFO. The company’s in-house recipe is industry-focused on advertising solutions that can’t be matched anywhere else. With 4INFO, you get the bottom line results you require while at the same time you can run multi-screen campaigns.

4INFO puts forth these pointers:

  • Accurately target the right consumers using 4INFO data
  • Reach them across all their screens at unprecedented scale
  • Leverage full funnel measurement to evaluate campaign success

Here’s a list of solutions that are delivered by 4INFO:

CPG: Based on your brand preference, frequency, and product category you can target audience while partnering with 4INFO. It allows you to take complete advantage of the valuable purchase data to reach who it should.

Advanced TV: Television is one of the most powerful tools of communication, even today. With precise audio-targeting combined with the power of television, 4INFO delivers people-based campaigns to ensure it reaches the target.

Automotive: Based on the huge array of affinity and in-market features, 4INFO delivers a wealth of industry data to help the automotive companies target their potential buyers.

Retail: When it comes to the retail sector, 4INFO has unique ways of reaching the audience. Using either the credit-card history or through the client’s own CRM data, you can target your audience while using multiple screens. Next, you can measure the results in actual sales at the register.

Financial: To reach your audience efficiently and effectively, you can leverage your first-party customer data with 4INFO. This aids to reach the precise target mobile audience.

Pharma: 4INFO helps to create a positive prognosis for healthcare marketers.

QSR: How do you stimulate trial or reinforce brand loyalty among your people? 4INFO provides a solution by identifying the high propensity fast food consumers and then provide them with promotional offers across screens and platforms.

4INFO has a unique point where it synergies segmented advertising and innovative platform solutions. While it’s already a leading platform in advertising and targeting audience, 4INFO is also enabling clients to create bigger campaigns that deliver even huger results.

Leading the Innovation

Tim Jenkins, CEO  

A seasoned Silicon Valley veteran, Tim Jenkins has more than 25 years of experience in senior operational and executive roles at several tech companies including Apple and Stratacom (acquired by Cisco). At Apple, Tim was responsible for developing the education business division in Europe. Employing a unique channel and product strategy he helped this division grow to over $500M in annual revenue. While at Stratacom he was a key player in their global expansion, entering 11 new major geographies in Europe and Asia as Stratacom grew to more than $250M in revenue.

Tim was also the CEO of Simpata, a SaaS-based HR and benefits platform licensed to major medical carriers. In 1995, Tim founded Creative Wonders, a joint venture between Electronic Arts and Cap/Cities ABC. Creative Wonders scaled from nothing to $30M in revenue and profitability in less than 3 years and was sold to The Learning Company/Mattel. Armed with extensive experience in developing profitable strategies and scaling companies, Tim will drive the expansion of 4INFO in the rapidly growing mobile market within the US and globally. Tim graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in business and finance.

“In the rapidly converging digital age, 4INFO’s ability to power people-based marketing helps you remain relevant, competitive and profitable.”

“4INFO is an identity and activation solutions company, born in mobile, not in the desktop environment.”

“No one has more experience measuring actual in-stores lift than 4INFO. That’s why we established the industry's first and only benchmarks and norms. With 4INFO, measurement is pure gold.”