LinkedIn tells you who’s visiting your website

linkedin tells you whos visiting your website

Businesses can now see the audiences who are visiting their website through a new tool designed by LinkedIn. The tool is called Website Demographics and it allows businesses to breakdown their website visitors. The breakdown is categorized into 8 which include job title, industry, company and location.

In fact, the data that LinkedIn receives is provided by its users. LinkedIn will be using similar conversation tracking technology to connect data to websites visits.

How it works, explained

The director of global product marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Sudeep Eldo Cherian, explained how the data may prove to be useful. He gave an example of a company trying to get the attention of IT professionals to visit its website could simply open Website Demographics and discover who actually visits the website. The company may find out that a large number of healthcare professionals are visiting, rather than the targeted IT professionals. Hence, the company can adjust and make the required changes and efforts to get the target audience.

We think that by understanding this information, businesses can create higher quality content campaign,” Cherian added.

In addition to this, company websites can have a professional breakdown of specific parts of the website, and not necessarily the entire website. Now the question arises if this tool could be used to understand the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Cherian says it is quite possible. “We’re constantly thinking about how can we continue to evolve the reporting and analytics that we offer to marketers so they can make better decisions”, he explained.

The best part is that Website Demographics is free to anyone using LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. Users won’t be required to advertise on LinkedIn to leverage this new tool. As Cherian says that the real aim is to make Campaign Manager a must have analytics solution.