LinkedIn Talent Insights to help Recruiters

linkedin talent insights talentpool companyreport

LinkedIn is developing a new self-service tool. The tool is to help recruiters’ access data on talent pools and companies. The new tool is called LinkedIn Talent Insights. The big data analytics product will let recruiters make deeper queries into statistics for hiring and employment, based on LinkedIn data. The announcement was made by Head of product, talent insights and talent brand Eric Owski who said the launch will take place in the summer of 2018.

Owski also added, “I think talent leaders will be the audience for this product, professionals who have visibility into the day-to-day operations but also have a role to play in strategic planning and to align a company’s talent strategy with its business strategy.” Talent Insights will come, initially, with two views, called ‘Talent Pool’ and ‘Company report’.

The Talent Pool is aimed to help recruiters gain insights on certain key questions. For instance, questions like what schools are producing the most successful data scientists or natural language processing engineers, and so on. Questions like which industries are rapidly requiring computer vision specialists will also be answered here.

On the other hand, the Company Report is similar, but it will give you information on recruitment patterns at your own company and your competitors. It’ll give the recruiters a clear picture of what skills are growing the fastest and which cities employees are living in.