LG opens the door to its Smart Home platform for Developers

lg opens smarthome platform for developers

LG is serious about its Smart home ambitions. The South Korean electronics giant has opened its exclusive API for its smart home platform SmartThinQ to developers and also opened a dedicated website for it.

The website was made to allow developers to make use of the API of LG’s Smart home platform to build connected systems around it. Interested developers can visit the site and apply for a partnership, and if the application is successful, the developer will gain access to the platform's application programming interface (API). Also, if approved as a partner by the company, any of the developer’s services and products can also carry the "Works with SmartThinQ" branding.

LG added that it seeks an open partnership, open platform, and open connectivity in order to develop its smart home ecosystem. The IoT devices that will be developed using the API will also be able to sync with the SmartThinQ app, its AI speaker platform Smart Hub, and Smart Sensor products.

The company is betting quite a bit on its Smart Hub platform, hoping that new ideas can be utilized in the platform which provides natural language processing, voice recognition, and big data processing for the use patterns of home appliances, continuing the trend of South Korean giants applying more AI voice features into smart home products. Samsung recently announced that all its home appliances will be smart by 2020, featuring AI capabilities like voice recognition.