‘Just Ask’- Amazon’s Talkative AI assistant is now available for users

just ask  amazons talkative ai assistant is now available for users

For all Amazon customers, there is yet another reason to be happy. The update on the talkative AI assistant technology can save lives as well!

The “Amazon Echo” which was launched last year was in fact a huge success.  It has got a clever Omni-directional speaker which is powered by virtual assistant, dubbed “Alexa”. Apart from all the exciting features it has been providing, the authorities are trying to bring advanced technologies to this smart home device which can even act as life savers.  It has got an interesting tagline as well, ‘Just Ask’, which Amazon uses for its promotion.

The technology is a great help for the users in many aspects. With the AI Assistant technology users can book a cab, it lets them order dinner, check the weather, turn on the lights and so on.  Lately they have been focusing on updating this technology with some life saving features, which includes spoken instructions to teach people about the different first aid methods.

Once the technology is installed into the systems successfully, one can use it to get first aid instructions in case of any urgency. “The British Red Cross’ new skill for Amazon Echo will teach people simple first aid so that they feel well prepared to help someone in an emergency”, said  Joe Mulligan, British Red Cross Head of First Aid Education.

The system embraces new digital technology to teach more people about the need of first aid education and the methodologies involved.  When the system hears words like ‘Alexa’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Computer’ or ‘Echo’ the lights on the cylindrical recorder will get lighted up, showing the device is recording which in later phase can be used for improvising the user experience.