Wipro, Finastra Collaborate to Help Corporate Banks across Asia-Pacific accelerate digital transformation

wipro finastra collaboration

Wipro and Finastra have announced a partnership to help corporate banks across APAC. This partnership will help the corporate banks accelerate their digital transformation. Together, the two companies aim to develop a unique offering that will combine Finsatra’s front-to-back trade finance and cash-management solutions and Wipro’s services catalogue.

Corporate banks across Asia have started to drift away from the traditional relationship management model to become digital players to keep up with the changing times. The partnership between Finastra and Wipro will help these banks make the transition swiftly through access to Wipro’s service portfolio, from consulting and digital to infrastructure and operations, and Finastra’s leading solutions - Fusion Trade Innovation and Fusion Cash Management.

“Wipro’s mature portfolio of services and deep experience in implementing Finastra’s solutions are a perfect complement to our offering, making it a natural partner for us in APAC. It has never been more important for financial institutions to innovate digitally, but transaction banking is an area where many banks are playing catch-up. This strategic partnership is the continuation of years of collaboration with Encore Theme Technologies, now part of Wipro, creating an offering that will help banks accelerate their digital transformation, driving competition and increasing innovation in the industry,” said Luc Hovhannessian, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Finastra.