Tech firms looking to move their production out of china

tech firms moving production china

The ongoing trade war is confusing for many as nobody seems to know about who stands to gain from the standoff. Now, several large U.S. IT services and tech companies have decided to move a large part of their production out of China.

First reported by Nikkei, it is believed that HP, Dell, Microsoft, and Amazon are the latest companies who are considering moving a substantial part of their hardware production out of China. Nikkei has reported that both HP and Dell are moving as much as 30% of their laptop production out of China while Microsoft may be moving some of its Xbox production out of the country.

Further, there are reports that Amazon may be moving some part of its Kindle and Echo speaker production outside of China. There have been reports that Acer and Asustek are also looking at options. Google has already moved some of its production of Nest products out of the Asian country.

Although many companies are looking for such a move due to the bitter trade war between the U.S. and China, most companies are still looking to keep the production in Southeast Asia.