South Korean government considering going with Linux over Windows

south korea government with linux

IT services for governments can be expensive. While a big number of governments around the world choose to swear by Windows for their computers, South Korea is now planning to go with Linux.

The South Korean government has announced that it will be reducing its dependency on a single operating system by switching to Linux. One of the primary reasons according to the Asian nation is also the pricing. The government of South Korea believes that the switch will help them reduce the costs involved in the government computer systems.

The Ministry of Interior and Safety of South Korea has outlined a plan to bring this to fruition. To begin with, the government agency is now looking to try out Linux on its PCs and then proceed with a broader rollout later.

It was noted that the Free Windows 7 support is due to end soon in January 2020. This would add to costs for government workstations. Hence, it makes sense for South Korea to make a move before this happens. But on the other hand, there will be costs associated with the switch too which the nation will have to endure to see long-term gains.