Snapchat’s gaming platform coming soon

snapchat gaming platform

The upcoming Snap Partner Summit on April 4th might have some gaming announcements in store from Snap. This isn’t the first time Snap went into games on its Snapchat platform. Remember the AR lens game-‘Snappables’? This time, Snapchat will be having something bigger to offer. It’s rumored to allow outside developers to bring in their games to play inside the Snapchat app.

Indicating its interest in gaming, Snapchat had bought the Australian game studio Prettygreat early this year. Last year, Tencent- the Chinese tech company who owns gaming platforms as well as WeChat had also invested 12 percent stake in Snap. Tencent certainly believed in a bigger exploration of mobile games and other newsfeeds.

Get your head in the game

Snapchat rose to fame as a quirky social networking platform. However, in recent years, its popularity is diminishing with stiff competition from Facebook and Instagram. Now, Snap is venturing out to trying gaming stunts on its app to get more user engagement and increase revenue.

Allowing outside developers could certainly be a new source of revenue and at the same time, build up its popularity. In-game purchases, as well as advertising revenue could also be possible. As for its competition, when users are engaged in playing games on Snapchat, they aren’t on Instagram. A win-win for Snap!

So far, there hasn’t been any announcement or comment from Snap. But the upcoming event will certainly shed more light on what Snap is planning.