Seabubbles designs a boat to lessen traffic and pollution in cities

seabubbles creats boat to clear traffic

An ingenious boat developed by the SeaBubbles was tested on the Seine river in Paris a couple of days back; it emerges out of the water on hydrofoil wings and it is an energy saver.

The vehicle is free from noise, waves and pollution, all credits to the creativity that makes it look as if it is hovering above the water. River police had to stop the test since they were concerned with it going too fast.

“Our vehicle has the right to go at 30km/h, when normally the speed limit on the river is 12km/h,” SeaBubbles co-founder Anders Bringdal. “So they just pulled us over to check our paperwork and make sure that all was in order.”

Seabubbles created the vehicle with hopes of minimizing the traffic on roads by using rivers, lakes and other waterways. The company says, “At car speed, for the price of a regular cab, with no impact on the environment nor on the city’s infrastructure”.

Other startups like Lilium, AeroMobil have also started testing with concepts like flying taxi in an effort to stand out of the crowd.