Artificial intelligence is waking up retailers from sleep!

retailers adopt artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence industries are booming these days, a research from Capgemini Research Institute revealed that retailers are helped by AI in saving approximately about $300 billion. This aids in developing the technology further.

The research considered 400 retailers worldwide and the ways they implement the fast-growing technology. It is observed that, more than a quarter retailers are using and recommending artificial intelligence from 2016.

Capgemini vice president global consumer products and retail sector Kees Jacobs explains, “For global retailers, it appears reality has kicked in regarding AI, both in terms of what the technology can achieve and what they need to do to get there.”

It is brought to light that, those retailers who use AI are eight times stronger in dealing with complex projects. 10 percent of industries who have adopted artificial intelligence are saying that their driving source is customer experience. And 7 percent of them are considering customers pain points on their priority list. Meanwhile, cost (62 per cent) and ROI (59 per cent) are driving most investment into the space.

In spite of this revelation, 98 percent of industries believe in decreased customer complaints and 99 percent want to increase sales.