Microsoft to get into game streaming with Project xCloud

microsoft tests game streaming

The software and IT services giant, Microsoft, is planning to enter the game streaming scene through its Project xCloud which it is testing currently. Microsoft has said that the public trials for the Project xCloud will be done in 2019.

Microsoft’s game streaming service will be available across PCs, consoles and mobile devices. The company’s Corporate VP of Gaming Cloud Kareem Choudhry said: “We are testing Project xCloud today. The test runs on devices (mobile phones, tablets) paired with an Xbox Wireless Controller through Bluetooth, and it is also playable using touch input.

Game streaming is becoming extremely popular in the recent times with rapid proliferation of the Internet and is being seen as the way forward for the gaming industry. Through Microsoft’s new service, developers of thousands of games available on the Xbox will be able to deploy and scale access to their games through Project xCloud.

The game streaming service will stream games from cloud servers, thus, removing the dependence on consoles or gaming computers. This service will give tough competition to Google’s upcoming “Project Stream” that is being tested by Google’s parent Alphabet Inc in association with Ubisoft.