Microsoft and Telkomsel join hands in Indonesia

microsoft telkomsel partnership

Microsoft is partnering with Telkomsel in Indonesia to provide the country with the latest technology that will allow outlying regions with enhanced connectivity similar to that in major cities.

The two tech giants are promoting marketing and communication activities on IT services solutions to improve market influence. The duo will also be leveraging thetelco’s innovations in its private LTE network offerings and its upcoming 5G network, this will allow them to geographically enhance network infrastructure and provide closer data processing for decision-makers.

Telkomsel has been focusing on the enterprise segment for a while now and now the company will develop key digital enterprise solutions for manufacturing industries that offer capabilities like IoT, data hub and AI by utilizing Microsoft’s technology platforms for the energy.

The company also plans to adopt Microsoft solutions in its IT services for its international, commercial and other user sectors. Whereas, Microsoft will be facilitating the technical and sales empowerment, prepare development programs and help Telkomsel achieve its sales capabilities.

SetyantoHantoro, CEO of Telkomsel stated that the collaboration aligns with its commitment to move forward and accelerate the nation by providing equal network deployment and easy access to digital technology in Indonesia.

Recently, Microsoft had hosted a developer conference celebrating its 25 years of operations in Indonesia. The //Dev Con/ Microsoft Indonesia Digital Economy Summit was done in collaboration with the government.