‘Direct Purchase’ from Microsoft Mixer lets viewers buy games directly from Livestream

microsoft mixer direct purchase games

Microsoft has been outlining its new plan for its Mixer streaming service, and that includes ‘Direct Purchases’. The Direct Purchase feature enables viewers to buy whatever game (or DLC) they’re watching directly from the company’s store. This would then give streamers a cut of the revenue.

The feature goes live today, which is going to make it easier for players to get content and also guarantees that they’re buying it from Microsoft only. The process is quite easy. The viewer simply needs to click on the stream and a window will pop up to buy the matching game or DLC. There isn’t any additional requirement to switch to a separate storefront nor is there any need to work around with codes or tokens.

Once the viewer buys this, the content is ready and will be waiting for download on the user’s Windows 10 or Xbox library. While it may look like Microsoft is redirecting the viewers towards its own shop, one needs to appreciate the convenience for consumers. Microsoft also said that Direct Purchase is available for all 5,000-plus games in the Microsoft Store, including Xbox, Windows 10 & Xbox Play Anywhere games and DLC.