Malaysian firm develops coronavirus risk profiling AI-based system

malaysia coronavirus risk profiling ai

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused a lot of chaos all over the world. Fearing the further spread of it, every country is developing its little ways to combat the virus. This time it is a Malaysian firm which has developed a coronavirus risk profiling AI-based system.

A Malaysian firm called MYEG Services Bhd has developed the above-mentioned system to screen Chinese visitors to check whether or not they carry the virus. Also, the firm has offered intelligence-based service to the governments of Malaysia and the Philippines.

Malaysia has temporarily restricted the entry of Chinese visitors and the country has reported 22 infections whereas Philippines has reported 3 cases including one death.

MYEG Services Bhd said that the AI-based risk profiling system creates a health-risk profile from a person’s historical geolocation information and other parameters. MYEG had collaborated with Beijing-based travel agency Phoenix Travel Worldwide for the project.

MYEG said in a statement to the stock exchange that the AI-based system analyses a “vast number of available data points, including visitors’ previous known whereabouts as well as heart rate and blood pressure readings crossed-referenced against public transportation ridership and exposure to locations with incidences of infections.”