We will keep your home pristine, says i7+

irobot rolls out i7 plus

Are you tired of vacuuming your floors? Ok then, let robot do it. iRobot released its latest version of Roomba robot vacuum with appropriate features that will make your work easy. It is called i7+ and the differentiating factor is, without human assistance this robot will empty itself. Meaning to say, it is self-supporting.

iRobot says that the i7+ has a charging station that gets essentially connected to its own vacuum and container that empties the bin whenever needed. Now, it has a larger bin and you have to empty it just once or twice a month.

There is another development; Roomba will save your residential location. It’s not new; this facility is available in Roomba’s earlier versions too. But usually what happened in previous versions was they’d delete them after they’ve finished cleaning. This new model will save its maps and use them to make cleaning more efficient.

You can use Roomba’s app to take control of where and when the robot cleans. You can divide the map into separate rooms and set schedules for each room. By using your smart home device, you can name the rooms and manage Roomba.

The cost of i7+ is whopping $949 excluding the cost of bags for the bin inside the charging station.