Intel reveals more about its exciting NeravnaTM chips

intel reveals nervana chips

Turning raw data into information requires the necessary hardware architectures to support the processes and emerging use cases and AI techniques. For this to happen, Intel has been working on bringing forth breakthrough chips.

At the Hot Chips 2019, Intel revealed more about its dedicated accelerator Intel NervanaTM NNPs. The chip has been reportedly developed at Intel’s facility in Haifa, Israel. The chip is a 10-nanometer sized device which goes on the Ice Lake processor. This enables the processor to handle high workloads using minimal amounts of energy. Intel has said that Facebook is already using the product.

Intel’s first AI product comes soon after it invested in Israeli AI startups - Habana Labs and NeuroBlade.

Naveen Rao, Intel vice president and general manager, Artificial Intelligence Products Group said: “Data centers and the cloud need to have access to performant and scalable general purpose computing and specialized acceleration for complex AI applications. In this future vision of AI everywhere, a holistic approach is needed—from hardware to software to applications.”

As the need for AI computation increases, the new chip will help mitigate the requirements. The chip is likely to come with Intel Xeon processors soon.