Intel to help Israeli startups through a new program

intel announces startup program

Intel Corporation has announced a new program called ‘Ignite’ which will help the company assist early-stage startups in getting global market access and accelerate innovation. The company is keeping the program limited to Israel for now.

The company will be selecting around 10 to 15 pre-seed to seed startups through a selection process. Post this selection the startups will go through a 20-week program where they will be provided mentorship from Intel and industry experts on the product, business, management, and technical areas. The multi-industry giant is especially targeting startups which focus on AI, autonomous systems and other data-centric technologies. The program is slated to begin in Israel this year but will come to more countries in the future.

“Intel has always worked in concert with open ecosystems to scale new technologies so they can be transformational for our customers, business and society. This process is fueled by the innovation and passion of the startup community,” said Intel CEO Bob Swan. “Israel has the deep skill base in AI, autonomous systems and the underlying technologies critical to these inflections that make it a natural choice to launch our Ignite program.”