IBM’s partnership with Airtel is expected to modernize the telco’s network architecture

ibm airtel modernizenetwork architecture

Popular telecom provider Airtel and tech giant IBM has completed the first phase of the telcos Open Hybrid Cloud Network that was built with Red Hat and IBM's hybrid cloud portfolio. The latest deployment will help Airtel's customers deploy and build innovative applications on the cloud network. The customers will now be able to enhance their availability, performance, scaling, and automation, from their core to network edge. By the year 2022, global telecom operators are predicted to spend over $111 billion. This is mainly due to the fact that they want to upgrade their platform and network cloud. The increase in demand for smooth connectivity is continuing to grow, and Airtel has started this endeavor to make its network more robust, scalable, and agile.

IBM has been working closely with Airtel to integrate advanced automation, and furthermore, there are plans on the card to embed AI capabilities in the future. Single click design and deployment of hybrid cloud will help in light touch operations. Airtel's ability to accelerate the core transformation can be improved, and even the network connectivity will receive an upgrade. As a result of the recent developments, Airtel can seamlessly maintain consumer demands and also onboard the new partners.