Humans take down OpenAI’s bots at Dota 2

humans beat openai at dota2

Human pro gamers managed to beat its Artificial Intelligence counter-parts at an International Tournament in Vancouver. The AI bots were defeated in the battle arena game by the gamers decisively.

OpenAI, the research lab funded by the world’s topmost IT services and leading tech leaders like Elon Musk built the bots that played the game. During the gameplay, the OpenAI bots paid an unusual amount of attention to a character named Roshan who lives in the middle of the Dota 2 map. In sometimes doing so, it left the bots territory undefended from the Human gamers. The players can come together and kill it in their quest.

The bots were good at making strategic moves contrary to this odd ‘Roshan’ fixation as it was making sacrifices that humans would have otherwise tried to save. With access to the backend of the game, the bots had access to the numbers that would help them know the health of each hero and the distance between them.

Greg Brockman, OpenAI co-founder, and Chief Researcher tweeted “Congratulations to Team paiN, the Dota 2 pro team who just beat OpenAI Five in a 51-minute game. Lots of extremely exciting plays by both teams. Has been a great showcase of what both humans and AI can do.”