Huawei ventures into advertising; allows ads on its lock screen

huawei lock screen ads

Huawei has come up with a new way of digital marketing. While advertising is a costly affair, there are still many platforms for advertisers to market their brands. However this time, Huawei is offering something that hasn’t been done before. You’ll find advertisements on the lock screens of your Huawei phones.

Yes, that’s right. A number of Huawei phone users have taken to social media platforms with screenshots of their lock screens with ads. The ads seem to be coming from and a large number of people began complaining about it from yesterday.

While the ads themselves are appearing on various other phones and platforms, Huawei has taken the ads directly on its signature Magazine Unlock feature. The Magazine Unlock feature basically allows users to have multiple images on their lock screen that keeps changing every time the phone is unlocked.

Ceel Beckers on Twitter wrote to Huawei Europe account that she “just got an ad of on [my] lockscreen. I am using a Huawei and I am not the only one who gets it.” Another Daniel on Twitter tweeted: “why on earth do I get advertisement on my lockscreen. I need an explanation immediately!!!”

As an explanation, the Huawei German Twitter account apologized by giving a detailed direction to deactivate the ads. You need to go to settings and manually delete every individual image. Once the users tried it, it worked. You can also change the phone’s lock screen to one of your own images from the gallery can also remove the ads.