Google partnering with Journalists Association of Korea

google partnership journalists association korea

The Google News Initiative (GNI) is partnering with the Journalists Association of Korea and HeyJoyce(Korea’s largest community of women)to support reporters’ career development while they are on parental leave. The partnership aims to help reporters return after a period away.

The partnership will help create a 10-week curriculum which will develop the journalists’ understanding of newsroom operations and “how to introduce new technologies and business models.” The program will be providing instruction and mentoring from senior editors and academics.

It is well known that journalists tend to not take parental leave asit can be a major career setback. And if they do, they suffer the consequences.The situation affects women more, even as the numbers of female reporter  s grow in Korea.

The participants of the program will get to bring their children along. The first bunch of journalists can attend sessions and they do not have to worry about childcare. Google in a blog post wrote: “Professionals from JARANDA—a childcare-matching platform led by Seojung Chang, a member of Google’s 2017 Campus for Moms initiative in Seoul—look after the kids. And catering company Unor founded by a mother-daughter team, provides the food.”

The pilot program will end in the spring. The company will look to expand to returning parents across Asia-Pacific in near future.