Google Launches Saphan Digital in Thailand for Small Businesses

google intiative for thailand businesses

Many businesses have gotten affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the severest of effects have been endured by the small businesses. In Thailand, small businesses are critical to the economy and account for 90% of all businesses in the country. To help these businesses in the Asian country, Google has launched Saphan Digital program.

The program is an extension of Google’s Grow with Google program and will help small businesses and other organizations learn digital skills and help them tap into the potential offered by online opportunities. The program has been launched in partnership with Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce and is supported by local and international businesses.

With Saphan Digital, Google wants to bridge the digital gap between Thailand’s people who know how to use the internet and those who do not. The program will empower business owner, NGOs, and workers by helping them use digital tools and set up a basic online presence. The company will additionally provide online training courses in business and digital skills that will cover the areas like e-commerce and creation of digital storefront.

Google on its blog wrote: “Our mission in Thailand is to “leave no Thai behind,” as we work with our partners to build a stronger, more inclusive digital economy. With these new initiatives, we’re reaffirming that commitment to this amazing country’s future.”