Baidu develops open-source AI-based model to detect face masks

baidu releases open source ai model

With growing concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak, China is tapping into AI and Big Data. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the virus has already infected more than 51,000 people and killed more than 1600 in China. Several tech companies have developed apps to help people check if they have boarded the same train, bus or flight, boarded by infected patients.

Taking this further, the Chinese search engine giant, Baidu, has just developed an AI-based model to help detect people - not wearing face masks. Baidu said that it is one of a kind model trained with more than 100,000 images and would further improve it.

China has made Face Mask compulsory at public places in several provinces. Although most of the people are concerned and aware of the lethality of the disease, many still do not wear the mask. It has been problematic for the Government to implement the same. With Accuracy of over 96%, the open-sourced algorithm can detect people without masks.

With the Ai-model in place, concerned authorities can instantly be informed or an alarm can be raised. As the AI-model is open-sourced, individuals or other companies too can develop apps based on it and can further help in keeping a check on Coronavirus.

Earlier this month, Baidu and Alibaba had developed open-sourced AI models to improve the prediction times for RNA structure of the Coronavirus.