Amazon launched Shopping Debit Cards in Mexico

amazon debit cards shopping mexico

Amazon has rolled out its first debit card to ease your shopping experience with the global retailer. We’ve seen that Amazon has taken a number of steps to allow a customer to shop without a bank card. This is why Amazon has launched Amazon Rechargeable in Mexico.

Unlike the usual debit or credit cards issued by banks, Amazon Rechargeable can top it up using cash. Users can load it with the equivalent of $967 US every month. Users will be given a virtual card once they sign up with details like your name, gender, and date of birth. Those who sign up for Rechargeable with the equivalent of $27 or more will get a physical card.

Shop anywhere!

The interesting part is that the card isn’t limited to Amazon alone. The Rechargeable can be used at other online stores, and other internet services like Netflix, Spotify, and Uber. Those who have the physical cards can shop in retail stores. And also, the card will work like any other debit card and will allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs.

It’s clear that Amazon’s objective is to be more accessible on a wide scale. With the Rechargeable, a lot of people can buy from Amazon. And because of its open nature, it gives users an overall purchasing power as well.