Hypertaste- AI assisted e-tongue technology by IBM

ai hypertaste ibm

Earlier testing of liquids and its composition was done by sending liquid samples to traditional laboratories which took a lot of time. Additionally, it also incurred a lot of cost. But now IBM has come up with an alternate innovative approach that can eventually reduce time and will also help to obtain accurate results through its new Artificial intelligence powered e-tongue technology known as Hypertaste.

Hypertaste is one of the most innovative technologies that tests liquid composition and its contents within few minutes. The tested results can be obtained on-site on your smart phone. Recently, IBM released a video for a futuristic technology known as Hypertaste that uses AI.

The technology can be applied in many sectors like industries and services, food and beverages, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, to name a few. This technology can especially help those located in remote areas for water quality check management.

“We are confident that, through forthcoming refinements, the use of AI-assisted, portable chemical sensors will meet the needs of many industries when it comes to the fast and mobile fingerprinting of complex liquids,” says a report from IBM.