Agriculture has lot more to do with technology

agriculture seeks the help of technology

Agriculture has found ways to prepare for tomorrow with the help of technology. We have a story to tell, Lora Howell of Ohio had the reigns of the farm and she later realized there should be a technology upgrade.

To meet the requirements, Howell participated the Tech My Farm contest through Ag Leader Technology, and won $25,000 in ag tech equipment. She later employed Precision AgriServices, Inc. consultant and set about prioritizing her needs.

She was helped by OnTrac3 Assisted Steering which minimized operator exhaustion and administered inputs. She could monitor planter accuracy and seed variety performance via InCommand 1200 display which is a 12.1 inch touch screen.

This serves to be a learning curve for some farmers and ag specialists like Rich Schlipf says that new technology tools dissatisfy some people just because they don’t know how to use them.

All credit goes to microelectromechanical system (MEMS) where small devices can work beyond imagination. Devices like drones and satellites can overpass a field and gather crop data, irrigation systems can spatially monitor and deliver water and fertilizer, and GPS systems monitor inputs and planting precision.