Charge your phones on the new Tesla wireless charger

tesla releases wireless charger

The electric car manufacturer Tesla has released a couple of lifestyle IoT products previously. Now, get ready for the release of a new Tesla powered wireless charger with a new sleek design. You can check out the wireless charger on the Tesla website, along with the previously released desktop and portable chargers from the company.

Priced at $65, this device comes with a USB-C cable to plug your smartphones directly to the wireless charger. For other non-USB-C devices, the device comes with a USB-A port. But here’s the catch. The charger comes with just 6,000 mAH and 5 W of output for wireless charging and 7.5 W for wired charging.

This could be a big drawback, as you’ll find other products with higher charging output and power at half the price. But, you can’t deny the brand appeal when it comes to Tesla products. And that’s exactly why this device will sell off the shelves. The wireless charger is available in black and white colors. So if you’re a Tesla fan (or of Elon Musk) go ahead for the Tesla logo and pay $65 for this new device!