Sonos to release its first-ever outdoor Bluetooth

sonos to launch move

Sonos, an American electronics company has made its first move to roll out an outdoor Bluetooth speaker wherein users can play songs. The Sonos Move can be used without any external interference since it has a huge battery that is replaceable.

The device also has features that can resist dust and water. The front look of Sonos Move is similar to any other Sonos device but the back of it has a handle through which you can lift it and also charge it anywhere. The company proudly says that the rollout of this unique device is the change in strategy and assures of more similar kind of products to be rolled out in the future.

The company says, “The speaker is a challenge to the Bluetooth speaker market, which tends to be dominated by cheaper and non-smart options.”

Despite many Sonos products ruling the market, Sonos Move is significant of the previous releases and is the best among its other products. Sonos Move is available at $399 which is the first-ever speaker that can be used outside of the home. We have to wait and watch how impressive the product can get.