Here comes the most-unique of them all: PCs made from pasta!

pc made from pasta

Who doesn’t love pasta! They’re easy to cook, their absolutely delicious, you have various variants from meat-based ones to vegetarian and vegan options. Plus, the innovative pasta shapes like bowtie and macaroni are a favorite of children too! Now, our delicious pasta has taken on a new role- becoming a base for personal computers!

Yes, you heard it right- it’s a PC made from pasta. When a YouTuber- Laplanet Arts’ wife humorously commented about making a PC out of pasta, the YouTuber actually went ahead and built it. He pulled out the hardware from his old Asus Transformer convertible tablet and based his PC on it. Once the hardware was out, the entire PC chassis was made completely from rigatoni and lasagna.

Pasta PC ready to serve

While it may look like melted cheese and tomato layered between the pasta sheets, it’s just hot glue in red paint. Truly, Laplanet Arts has gone to lengths to make this IoT gadget look innovatively and as real as pasta! But the fun part ends there. It’s really old hardware and it requires a lot of struggle to run it. Be it your old game or even playing a movie, it’s a gadget that struggles to do that basic. But you really can’t blame the tasty-looking pasta PC, can you?