A newly launched IoT device helps people wash their hands appropriately

new iot device to wash hands properly

Researchers have designed an IoT device for soap dispensers to make sure people clean up their hands properly for more than 20 seconds according to World Health Organization guidelines for COVID-19.

The device is named as 20Sec4Life, it will gleam, beep and play a musical tone for over 20 seconds as a sign to wash hands up to 20 seconds said the researchers from Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Punjab.

The splash-proof device can be placed on any liquid soap dispenser which operates on battery. WHO says that in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, promoting good hand hygiene tools serves to be very powerful. The researchers’ points out that this new device can help fight the growing number of pandemic cases due to negligence in observing the 20 seconds hand wash rule.

"COVID 19 is spreading rapidly and one of the reasons for this is improper hygiene habits. For most people, it is difficult to keep a track of time while washing hands," Prabin Kumar Das, a B. Tech student of Electronics Communication and Engineering at LPU, told.

"We all are in a hurry and do not realise that we have failed to completely disinfect ourselves by not washing our hands for the prescribed duration of 20 seconds," Das, who developed the device with his colleagues at LPU, said.