Battle of the Virtual Assistants: Where does Cortana, Alexa, and the Google Assistant stand?

microsoft cortana behind alexa

It’s the era of virtual assistants with artificial intelligence. However, there’s competition here as well. From the looks of it, Amazon’s Alexa seems to be ranking high on the charts. However, Microsoft’s Cortana seems to be quite low on the charts. Taking a look at the voice-assistant powered devices at the CES 2018, Alexa and Google Assistant have stolen the show.

In the battle of the virtual assistants, Amazon rolled out many devices that are enabled with Alexa. Google made sure that it was right on for the game and launched its own set of competitive products. While Alexa is coming on headphones, smartwatches, cars, and TVs, Google introduced a new Smart Display platform with its Assistant, along with TVs, headphones, and Android Auto. Amazon took it a step further with ovens and microwaves that have voice control.

Hey, where’s Siri?

While Amazon and Google were on the virtual battlefield, Cortana and Siri were nowhere to be found. Just as Microsoft’s Cortana has been very limited to Windows 10, Apple’s Siri has also been limited to iPhone devices. Apple has promised users the HomePod this year, but one can only wait and watch if Apple will create a Siri platform outside its own devices.