IKEA is all set to expand its new home smart business unit

ikea to expand smart home market

IKEA lately escalated its investments into the smart home market with cost-friendly products that constantly unifies with Apple’s HomeKit platform. IKEA entered the smart home family in 2012 while now; the company has pushed things to a new level.

Peter van der Poel, Manager IKEA Range & Supply quotes, “We have decided to invest significantly in Home Smart across IKEA to fast-forward the development. This is the biggest New Business we are establishing since the introduction of Children’s IKEA.”

“By working together with all other departments within IKEA, the business unit of IKEA Home smart will drive the digital transformation of the IKEA range, improving and transforming existing businesses and developing new businesses to bring more diverse smart products to the many people. We are just getting started,” adds Björn Block.

It is yet to be known about the smart home products that are on the way. IKEA is all prepared to launch HomeKit smart blinds in the United States after a long wait!

The company rolled out its new speakers along with Sonos which was noticed earlier this week.