Huawei’s AI Speaker is Amazon Echo’s rival, but only in China

huawei budget smart speaker

Amazon Echo’s new rival is Huawei’s Xiaoyi-powered AI smart speaker. The product was debuted at the tech giant’s Mate 20 event in China recently. It is second in the line of smart speakers from Huawei; the first was an Alexa-powered AI Cube, which was unveiled last month.

Huawei’s AI Cube, powered by Alexa and shaped like an elongated Google Home with a flat top, was rather a unique device that featured a 4G modem, a home Wi-Fi router, a high-end 360-degree wireless speaker, and more.  

The cylinder-shaped AI smart speaker is evidently similar in design to Apple’s HomePod with mute, call, and volume control buttons on the top of the device. It is harnessing audio technology from Dynaudio, and it’s also paired with Huawei’s “Histen” algorithm – known to bring the experience of live music to Huawei smartphones.

The IoT device which hosts a single cord on the back is infused with six microphones to interact with its virtual assistant. The voiceprint recognition system in the new AI speaker is similar to that of Google Assistant and distinguishes between different voices allowing users to interact in a more dynamic way. Huawei’s affordable “smart” product carries 2.25-inch high fidelity hardware with a 10 watt speaker.

Huawei’s AI Cube comes in at just $60 and comes in two colors, gray and white. However, the Chinese firm neither revealed its launch date nor confirmed if it will be available globally.