Google’s Stream transfer can now move multimedia across rooms

google stream transfer smart speaker iot

Google Assistant and smart home devices recently got a new feature that allows it to take your music and videos with you as you walk into different rooms at your home.

Google refers to this as “Stream transfer”, this feature allow users to ask the Google Assistant to move your music to a different speaker or if the speaker group is unified, the user could simply say “Hey Google, move the music to the kitchen speaker”. Also, you could make use of the Google Home app for the same purpose.

“Now that millions of users have multiple TVs, smart speakers and smart displays (some in every room!) We wanted to make it easy for people to control their media as they moved from room to room,” stated a Google spokesperson.

And it’s not just music; Google also lets you move YouTube videos between your Nest smart display and other Chromecast-enabled TV. A simple voice command to your Google Assistant enables this process.

Or if there’s a party going on in your house and you have multiple Google Home and Nest speakers or display, it is possible to create a speaker group in the Home App and transfer music from a single speaker to the speaker group and fill your home with music.

It’s surprising as to why Google didn’t let this feature roll out before, but all this noise from Google certainly indicates the IoT game is getting stronger.