China gets more reason to deploy biometric tech

china increases usage of biometric tech

China has already increasingly adopted biometric identification, and now they got more reasons to use it, to combat against the coronavirus outbreak.

Now in Guangzhou, the commercial and industrial hub of southern China has tablets installed by the driver’s seat in public buses, passengers should put their foreheads close to the tablet for their temperature and photos are taken.

Already passengers’ temperature is manually checked, Guangzhou deployed sophisticated technology as per the information provided by Guangzhou Public Transportation Group, the city's public bus operator.

The photos clicked by the tablet will later be tested for coronavirus. Guangzhou Public Transportation however claims not to leak the photographs for any other purpose. This technology might not be apt in the U.S. and Europe for their disinclination towards spying.

In the previous year, U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted 28 Chinese firms over human rights violation in Xinjiang.

The department stated: “The organization were accused of "human rights violations and abuses in China's campaign targeting Uighurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.”

Facial recognition is the most used technology for payments in China. In around 1000 7-Eleven convenience stores in southern parts of the country, consumers can buy products by paying having their faces scanned.