Cassette tape is revived with new Bluetooth technology 5.0

cassette tape back with advanced features

Cassette tapes were the only way to listen music in the 80’s and was popular in that era too. It was a great companion during happiness and healed us when we were sad. As everything became digital, music was no exception. The comeback of IT’S OK gives us a fresh feeling of using cassettes.

IT’S OK is a sort of portable cassette player that looks like an original Sony walkman if the company would have had its advanced versions in 2019. This is the first cassette player that uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology; it is speedy and easy to use when compared to Bluetooth 4.2.

Alongside, the transfer distance has enhanced with augmented range which eases the listeners to enjoy romantic music.

Not only music, you can use IT’S OK cassette for storing voice messages too. The cassette will be empty with duration of 60 minutes wherein you can record voice messages.

The device comes in three colors: “Sakura” pink, “Cloud” white, and “Evening” navy blue.

Product specifications:

  • Recorder with cassette
  • Press keys: Play, Forward, Backward, Stop and Record
  • In built microphone and one touch recording system
  • External 3.5mm Earphone Jack
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • LED Bluetooth connection indicator
  • With approximate weight of 152 gms